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Why sponsor Community Cares?

Sponsors make it possible for their entire organization to access the Certificate Course without paying, and you save at least 50% on the course cost when enrolling as a sponsor. Whether you're an employer, educational institution, community group or a group of friends, it pays to purchase a sponsorship.

There are two types of sponsorships:
Community Cares Training

1. Prepay Option:

Credits: For sponsors who expect to have between 10 and 25 students take the course, this is your best option. Purchase credits at 50% or less their usual value and redeem them as needed. They never expire. (Credits must be applied to the entire 8-module course.) Minimum credit purchase is $400, up to a maximum of $1000.

Perfect for:
  • Anyone who expects to enroll up to 24 students. (Hint: Even if only 6 students are enrolling, it costs less to sponsor than to purchase individual registrations!)
  • People who want to take the entire 8-module course.
  • People who don’t know when they will use all of their credits.
Prepaid Credits (enroll 10-25 students; non-expiring)
Choose your number

2. Sponsorship Option:

Unlimited 1-year sponsorship: For sponsors who expect to have 25 or more students enroll in the course of a year. Unlike credits, there is no limit on the students enrolled and they can take part of the 8-module course. This type of sponsorship expires after 1 year.

Perfect for:
  • Anyone who expects to enroll up to 25 or more students.
  • People who want to take parts of the 8-module course.
  • People who know they will use 25 or more credits in a year.
Become a Sponsor (enroll unlimited students for one year): $1,000.

NOTE: If you’re working with a very limited budget, check out our bursaries option:

Current Sponsors

  • Mission Public Schools
  • District of Mission (includes Mission RCMP, Fire/Rescue, Search & Rescue)
  • Pleasantview Housing Society

Contact us at:
Riverside College
33919 Dewdney Trunk Road
Mission, BC, V2V 6Y4
For any questions or
for more information, email
"Community Cares: Mental Health Training is a project of the Mission Community Wellness Committee, and is operated by BootStrap Consulting. Any opinions or decisions involved in the course are those solely of the operator. BootStrap Consulting is a private firm, and is separate and distinct from any of the course's sponsors or community partners, including Mission Public Schools. If enrolling for continuing education credits, please verify with your employer or accreditor in advance."
Community Cares Training

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