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On-Line Certificate Course Payment:

Note: Pay only if you wish to earn an on-line certificate.

Community Cares Training Take up to 8 modules, plus assessment and a continuing education certificate upon successful completion. Each module earns 3 hours in credit.

Perfect for:
  • students, staff and job-seekers who are required to take the course.
  • employers and educators who wish to add a resource for their members.
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Contact us at:
Riverside College
33919 Dewdney Trunk Road
Mission, BC, V2V 6Y4
For any questions or
for more information, email
"Community Cares: Mental Health Training is a project of the Mission Community Wellness Committee, and is operated by BootStrap Consulting. Any opinions or decisions involved in the course are those solely of the operator. BootStrap Consulting is a private firm, and is separate and distinct from any of the course's sponsors or community partners, including Mission Public Schools. If enrolling for continuing education credits, please verify with your employer or accreditor in advance."
Community Cares Training

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