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Community Cares: Mental Health Response Training

This is our flagship course. Taken by nearly 4000 students in its first two years, CC:MHRT is the industry and community standard for mental health response training. The course is designed for both professional and lay first responders. No matter who you are, if you are called upon to support people with mental health needs, this course will provide the skills and knowledge you need to respond effectively. You’ll learn how to support the person during crisis and beyond.

Community Cares Training CC:MHRT has helped people from all walks of life, including paramedics, police officers, firefighters, medical workers, employers, family members, landlords, teachers, front-line social service workers, coaches and neighbours.

CC:MHRT is offered in 8 modules. You can take one, many or all. Learn more about it here: course descriptions.

The course is always available online and we often offer live classes as well. You can also take the course as a hybrid of classroom and on-line learning.

Community Cares: Focus courses

Community Cares aims to address the changing needs of the community by offering specific focus courses from time to time. Our Focus courses go deeper than the standard CC:MHRT training, offering in-depth understanding of specific diagnoses and conditions, such as anxiety, PTSD, addiction and homelessness. Focus courses teach you about the why behind each diagnosis, and give you a set of skills for managing and support.

To learn more and register, click our events page to see what we are offering in your area.

Class & Consult packages

Our Focus courses with an added period for 1-to-1 consultation. These courses are a way to help you and your family or workplace design specific supports or get connected to the resources you need. To learn more, click our events page to see what we are offering in your area.

GFY! – Go Find Yourself!

GFY courses aim to change your life. Offered over a series of live small group classes, GFY takes participants through a series of proven challenges that will help them build resilience and confidence and life skills. GFY graduates leave happier and with a stronger sense of their power. GFY is for everyone! We offer classes for youth and adults. Click here to enroll in your area.

ECG Training – Engagement Volunteer / Mentor Training

ECG’s are Engaged Community Guides (aka Mentors) trained to reach out to at-risk populations in our neighbourhoods and communities. ECG training focuses on skills and aptitudes for Engagement, Communication and Guidance, helping individuals and groups to make meaningful connections in their community volunteer work.

ECG training is usually done in a single live event. Normally, ECG training is sponsored by a community organization for its members. To set up ECG training for your group, click here or to register in upcoming ECG training, click here.

Special Events

Click here to learn about other Community Cares events and forums.

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"Community Cares: Mental Health Training is a project of the Mission Community Wellness Committee, and is operated by BootStrap Consulting. Any opinions or decisions involved in the course are those solely of the operator. BootStrap Consulting is a private firm, and is separate and distinct from any of the course's sponsors or community partners, including Mission Public Schools. If enrolling for continuing education credits, please verify with your employer or accreditor in advance."
Community Cares Training

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