Community Cares Training

Community Cares Courses: Mental Health Response Training

What is it?

FREE and EASILY ACCESSIBLE training for community members and first responders who deal regularly with mental health consumers and substance users. If you:
  1. Work in emergency services such as
    • the RCMP
    • Fire/Rescue
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Search and Rescue
    • or any part of healthcare
  2. own a business;
  3. work in a school;
  4. volunteer in the community;
  5. serve as clergy or work in faith-based services;
  6. work for government or community-based facilities;
  7. support a diagnosed family member;
  8. OR are active in any way in your community
Community Cares: Mental Health Response Training

Our Community Cares: Mental Health Response Training is our core course. It’s offered over 8 separate modules and can be taken for FREE. You can take them all, or just complete those you think are most relevant for you. The courses are available on-line.

Community Cares Training Community Cares: Mental Health Response Training is designed for both laypeople and professionals. It offers laypeople a solid grounding in mental health, and will augment the skills of working professionals.

Anyone completing a module or the entire course is eligible to receive a continuing education certificate. (Please note: Our on-line course is free, but there is a $10 per module fee if you wish to receive a certificate.)


Now. Our on-line training is offered 24 hours a day, meaning that students can take the course any time they want. You can pause and re-start or review the material as you’d like.


Mental illness and substance issues are common. They are more likely to affect you or your loved ones than any single cancer. They touch the lives of almost everyone. But services for mental health consumers cannot address all of their needs. For that, we need a community. We need neighbours to watch out for one another; public agencies to work as partners; and people to help others find help when needed.

Understanding mental health and supporting mental wellness is easier than most people know. Community Cares: Mental Health Training gives you the tools, knowledge and skills you’ll need to support mentally ill and substance-involved people at their most critical times. It will help you get a clear and honest picture of mental health and the resources offered in our community. It will demystify mental illness and reduce fear.

By helping mental health and substance-involved consumers effectively at these times, we can end the vicious cycle of crisis that too often affects their lives. We can make a positive difference that will help reduce major social concerns such as homelessness, poverty and drug abuse.

Who is offering the training?

This course is offered in partnership with Mission’s Community Wellness Committee, a consortium of health and social welfare agencies in the Fraser Valley.

Partial funding has been provided by sponsors, including the District of Mission, Mission Public Schools and Pleasantview Housing Society.

The course is offered on through an on-line school platform. To register, click on this tab. NOTE: The course is privately produced and does not earn BC Ministry of Education credits.


To register for an online course click here. To register for a live class or event click here.

Want to watch a video to learn more? Click here.

Contact us at:
Riverside College
33919 Dewdney Trunk Road
Mission, BC, V2V 6Y4
For any questions or
for more information, email
"Community Cares: Mental Health Training is a project of the Mission Community Wellness Committee, and is operated by BootStrap Consulting. Any opinions or decisions involved in the course are those solely of the operator. BootStrap Consulting is a private firm, and is separate and distinct from any of the course's sponsors or community partners, including Mission Public Schools. If enrolling for continuing education credits, please verify with your employer or accreditor in advance."
Community Cares Training

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